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It’s no secret that gaining weight can be a difficult task. And while there are many methods and products available to help, not all of them are effective. In this article, we will be discussing the 10 best meal replacement shakes for weight gain in 2022. We’ll provide a brief overview of each shake, as well as what makes it stand out from the rest. So if you’re looking to put on some pounds, read on!

10 Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Gain in 2022

  1. Elm & Rye Protein Supplement

  2. Penguin Protein 

  3. NOW Sports 

  4. Optimum Nutrition 

  5. Cellucor Whey Sport 

  6. MomentousEssential 

  7. Garden of Life Organic Vegan Sport Protein Powder

  8. Vital Proteins 

  9. Orgain Organic 

  10. Legion Plant+ Vegan 

Meal replacement shakes are often used by people who are trying to lose weight or gain weight. They can be a convenient way to get in a lot of nutrients, and they can be tailored to fit your specific dietary needs.

What can I drink to gain weight fast?

To maintain a healthy diet, avoid consuming drinks that are high in calories but low in nutrition such as coffee or diet soda. Instead, opt for smoothies made with milk and fresh fruit, adding ground flaxseed for extra nutrients. If you’re looking for a meal replacement, consider choosing a drinkable option.

What can I drink at night to gain weight?

An afternoon smoothie can be a great way to get in some extra calories and nutrients. Look for options that contain protein, fiber, and healthy fats like nuts, avocados, or nut butter. Adding banana, avocado, or full-fat yogurt will also help add more calories. If you’re looking for something warm before bedtime, consider making a hot chocolate using coconut milk instead of regular milk.

What factors to consider before buying the best meal replacement shake for weight gain?

When choosing a meal replacement shake, look for products that are high in protein and low in sugar. Try to avoid shakes with added sugar or artificial sweeteners as these could make it harder to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Additionally, compare the amounts of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals to ensure you’re getting enough nutrition from your shake. Lastly, consider the taste of each product; some might have an unpleasant flavor which could make it hard to stick with long-term. 

By considering the factors listed above, you can find the best meal replacement shakes for weight gain in 2022. Look out for options that offer plenty of protein and vitamins while staying low on added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Ultimately, finding a shake that you enjoy the taste of and can stick with long-term will be best for successful weight gain. 

How do meal replacement shakes help with weight gain?

Meal replacement shakes provide essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help to build muscle and improve overall physical health. They also contain a higher number of calories than regular food which can help to add extra weight in a healthy way. Furthermore, because meal replacement shakes are convenient and readily available, they’re an easy way to ensure you’re getting the necessary nutrients for gaining mass. 

When shopping for meal replacement shakes, it’s important to consider the calorie content as well as the types of ingredients used in order to get the most out of your shake. Some meal replacement shakes provide more protein than others, so it’s important to research the nutritional information before making a purchase. Additionally, some meal replacements may include added sugars or artificial sweeteners which can add empty calories and should be avoided. 

Can I only drink meal replacement shakes?

No. While meal replacement shakes are a convenient and effective way to add extra calories into your diet, it’s important to get the right mix of macronutrients from whole foods like fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates as well. Additionally, drinking too much of any type of shake can lead to dehydration which is why it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

What ingredients should I look for in the beset meal replacement shakes for weight gain?

When looking for the best meal replacement shakes for weight gain, it’s important to look for ones that contain a high number of calories and quality ingredients. For example, look for shakes with at least 300 calories per serving and ingredients like whey protein, healthy fats, fiber-rich carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, some meal replacements may also include added probiotics or digestive enzymes which can help support overall health. 

Finally, look for meal replacement shakes that are free from artificial flavors and sweeteners as these can add unnecessary empty calories. Overall, meal replacement shakes can be an effective tool when trying to gain weight in a healthy way. By selecting the right shake with quality ingredients and macros that suit your needs you will be able to maximize your weight gain goals. 

What kind of shake makes you gain weight?

Shakes that are high in calories and contain a mix of quality proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats can help you gain weight. Additionally, look for shakes with added fiber as this can help to fill you up faster and provide the necessary energy to power through workouts or other physical activities. Be sure to check the nutrition label for added sugars or artificial sweeteners which can add extra calories without providing any nutritional value. 

By carefully selecting meal replacement shakes with nutrient-dense ingredients and macros that suit your goals, you will be able to maximize your weight gain efforts in a safe and healthy way. The 10 best meal replacement shakes for weight gain in 2022 have been carefully selected to offer the most effective solution when it comes to gaining mass. 

Are meal replacement shakes for men and women?

Yes, meal replacement shakes are suitable for both men and women. While some may be specifically formulated to meet the needs of one gender, many shakes are suitable for both genders. 

Meal replacement shakes can help people of any gender achieve their weight gain goals. For best results, it’s important to choose a shake that is designed with the specific nutritional needs of your gender in mind. 

When choosing a meal replacement shake for weight gain, there are several factors you should consider. First and foremost, check the list of ingredients to ensure that the shake contains high-quality proteins and carbohydrates that will provide you with sustainable energy throughout the day or during workouts. 

Should I drink a meal replacement shake before working out?

Yes. A meal replacement shake can provide the necessary nutrients and energy to help power through your workout. It’s best to choose a shake that is high in quality proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats as these will provide the most sustained energy throughout your session. Additionally, look for shakes with added vitamins and minerals which will help support overall health. 

The following list of the 10 best meal replacement shakes for weight gain in 2022 provides a convenient way to find the shake that’s right for you. Each shake has been carefully evaluated according to its ingredients, nutrition facts, and potential health benefits to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your purchase. With these meal replacement shakes, you can feel confident that you’re getting all of the nutrients necessary for healthy weight gain without sacrificing taste or quality. 

Image courtesy Elm & Rye

Our protein supplements, filled with nine amino acids that are crucial for various bodily processes like developing muscles and increasing stamina. Amino acids have a multitude of purposes in the body–they aid in creating proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.–and normally derive from animal sources such as meat or fish. However, our grass-fed cow products present a vegan-friendly choice for those who do not consume animal products!

Image courtesy Penguin CBD

At Penguin, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of delicious vegan protein flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter Tokens & Cream Rocky Road. Each blend contains 20 grams of CBD and 10 grams of Collagen for full-body support. Lastly, our 840 gram bulk bags include a customized mushroom complex plus Turmeric for optimum absorption.

3. NOW Sports 

Image courtesy NOW

NOW Sports Protein is an excellent source of whey and milk proteins. This unique blend provides your body with 23 essential amino acids, including the 9 that your body cannot produce on its own.

In addition to being packed with BCAA’s, our protein powder is also low in fat and sugar. You’ll never have to worry about consuming icky artificial sweeteners or flavors either.

4. Optimum Nutrition 

Image courtesy Optimum Nutrition

21 essential amino acids are what you’ll find in Optimum Nutrition Protein. 9 of these can only be found in this type of protein powder, which is why it’s the best solution for your needs.

This protein powder is perfect for fitness fanatics who want to build lean muscle mass while curbing hunger. Whey and milk proteins have been proven in studies to help with muscle growth and decrease cravings, making this powder a magical formula for healthy shakes. Plus, the low fat and sugar content makes it healthier than most shakes on the market.

5. Cellucor Whey Sport

Image courtesy Cellucor

Cellucor Whey Sport is a protein blend designed for athletes and other active individuals. It contains premium quality whey and milk proteins, as well as 10g of essential amino acids. In addition, we use only natural sweeteners and flavors to ensure our customers feel good about what they’re putting into their bodies.

Cellucor Whey Sport is a high-quality protein that includes a unique blend of glutamine and electrolytes, as well as being gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions. This ensures that your body will be able to replenish lost vitamins and minerals, making it the perfect choice for athletes who are also health conscious individuals.

6. Momentous Essential 

Image courtesy Momentous

We’re not just saying this because we work here, but our protein powder is incomparable to any others on the market. 20g of grass-fed whey combined with 10g of BCAA’s creates a mixture that supports muscle growth and recovery while still being low in fat and devoid of extra sugars. And if that wasn’t enough, there are zero artificial sweeteners or flavors! This product contains all the essential amino acids for optimal body performance–it really is everything you need it to be.

7. Garden of Life Organic Vegan Sport Protein Powder

Image courtesy Garden of Life

Garden of Life’s organic vegan sport protein powder is perfect for athletes or anyone striving to improve their performance. It contains 24g of plant-based proteins and 10g of essential amino acids, low-fat and sugar free doesn’t include any artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Be confident in the quality of our protein- it is gluten, dairy, and GMO free, following guidelines set by the Non-GMO Project Verified. In addition, all ingredients are organic.

8. Vital Proteins 

Image courtesy Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides offers an excellent, uninterrupted source of protein. Our formula contains 100% grass-fed bovine hide collagen peptides, 19g of hydrolyzed collagen peptides, and 10g of essential amino acids– everything you need for a protein boost! Plus, it’s low in fat and sugar with zero artificial sweeteners or flavors for your convenience.

Our Collagen Peptides supplement is easy on the stomach and NSF Certified for Sport–so you can trust in its quality to support gut health and improve skin condition.

9. Orgain Organic 

Image courtesy Orgain

Orgain Organic Plant- Based Protein Powder contains organic pea, brown rice, and hemp proteins – as well as 21g of plant-based proteins and 10g of essential amino acids.

10. Legion Plant+ Vegan 

Image courtesy Legion

Legion’s Plant+ Vegan Protein is the best choice for anyone who wants an organic and plant-based protein source. It contains 23g of certified USDA organic plant-based proteins, 10g of essential amino acids, and is low in fat and sugar. Furthermore, it includes no artificial sweeteners or flavors.


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