In August, a TikTok trend where users snacked on Rice Krispies Treats before going to the gym made headlines across the web. The promise: Loading up on the processed food boosts athletic performance and results in #fitnessgains, a popular hashtag associated with this trend on the social media platform.

Fitness experts were quick to label the phenomenon — sometimes called carbohydrate (carb) timing or carb loading — as nothing new. And if you’ve ever prepared a heaping plate of pasta before a long cardio session like a race (an approach that long preceded the dawn of the internet), you get the idea.

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That said, the TikTok videos may have raised some interesting questions if you’re looking to optimize your fitness. Namely, can carb timing actually improve your workout? And if so, is there a right and wrong way to eat this macronutrient (the other two being protein and fat)?


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